How to registering a Remitano exchange account

What is Remitano Exchangesing?

Instructions for registering a Remitano account

  • Sign in with Google
  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with email
  • terms of use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Trading Policy
  • API Terms of Use

2FA security and document verification on Remitano Vietnam exchange

2FA Security

Remitano Account Verification (KYC)

  • Level 1: Phone number
  • Level 2: Document Verification
  • Level 3: Bank Verification
  • Level 4: Peer Certification / Longtime Trader
  • Level 5: Peer Certification + Longtime Trader

Level 1: Phone number

Level 2: Document Verification

  • Buy crypto on
  • Email
  • Account registration date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Notes when registering a Remitano account:

  • Prepare the email address you often log in to to create an account.
  • Photos should be clearly visible: verification documents, face, handwriting
  • Verification documents (ID/CCCD/passport/GPLX) clearly see the corners
  • Correctly written content
  • Identity verification is very important, because when you make a withdrawal, the exchange will ask you to provide it. Based on identity verification, Remitano exchange will check if the information of the person withdrawing the account is the same as that of the account creator.

Instructions on how to trade on Remitano (P2P trading)

Instructions for depositing/withdrawing money on Remitano

Deposit to Remitano exchange:

  • Prices will vary between sellers and will change continuously.
  • After buying the coin successfully, you go to the wallet to check if the coin has entered the wallet with the correct amount that you bought. Usually it will be correct, if you make a mistake, feel free to inbox and ask support team

Withdraw money from Remitano exchange to your bank account:

Instructions for depositing/withdrawing COIN on Remitano

Deposit Coins on Remitano

Withdraw Coins on Remita

  • USDT: 5 USDT billion
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 0.0002BTC
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0.005 ETH
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 0.0001 BCH ONLY
  • Ripple (XRP): Free
  • Litecoin (LTC): 0.0005 LTC

Use the Create ad command

Fixed price: dollar price provided by Remitano exchange

  • RATES : Fixed price , Price BTC buyers see (this price includes service fee that the buyer must pay), Price BTC you actually received (you will enter the price you want to sell and Exchanges Remitano will base price of BTC in Bitstamp to order for you).
  • Quantity : you enter the Amount of BTC , the maximum / minimum amount of BTC (the minimum amount of BTC to trade is 0.0005 BTC).
  • Payment information : you choose one of the payment methods: bank transfer, Remitano Wallet, Viettel Pay and Momo. In addition, Remitano exchange has defaulted the Payment Allowance Time is 15 minutes. To ensure that the money used on the exchange is clean money, the Remitano exchange only allows new identity verification accounts to trade. So, you are completely assured when buying / selling on the Exchanges.

Price change: dollar price changes

  • PRICE : similar to the fixed price, you enter the BTC Price the buyer sees, the Minimum BTC Price, the BTC price you actually receive and choose a reference exchange.
  • Quantity: similar
  • Payment information: similar

Instructions for using Invest and Swap tools on Remitano

Tools Invest in Remitano

  • The price of the investment order will be updated continuously
  • Your investment will change until you select Create Investment .
  • When the order is closed, the profit will be added to your Binance coin balance

Swap Tool on Remitano





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